A. General Information

i. Name of the Institution : Birendranath Sasmal Primary Teachers’ Training Institute.

Address : Plot no.- 108, 128, 129, 130, 135, 136; Mouza- Uttar Darua, Ward no.- VIII, Contai Municipality; P.O.+P.S.- Contai, Dist.- Purba Medinipur, State- West Bengal, Pin- 721401.

Email : /

Telephone No : 03220 217063 / 09474895500 / 08170060380

ii. Year Of Establishment : 2012

iii. Teacher Education Program(s) offered in the Institution:

Sl. No.ProgrammeNumber and Year of NCTE recognitionSanctioned Intake
1D.El.Ed.ERC/7-167.6.11/NCTE/D.El.Ed./2014/23569 Dated 30.01.2014One (50)
2B.Ed.ER-207.6.36/ERCAPP2612/B.Ed.(Addl. Course)/2016/44295 Dated 03.03.2016Two (100)

iv. Details of Affiliation:

Sl. No.ProgrammeName of the Affiliating BodyNumber & Year of Affiliation
1D.El.Ed.W. B. B. P. E.
2B.Ed.Vidyasagar UniversityVU/R/805/Affi.(B.Ed.)/2016 Dated 25.07.2016

v. Status of Affiliation : Permanent.

Validity Up to :

vi. Type of Management : Self-financing Institution.

vii. In case of Government aided or Self Financing Institution, mention if the institution is managed by : Registered Trust.

viii. Status of the Institution : Independent Institution offering only Teacher Education Programme.

ix. Institution meant for : Co-Educational.

x. Accessibility :

Whether accessible in all-weather and through Pucca Road : Yes

Name of the Nearest Railway Station: Kanthi


i. History of the Institution: 

With niggardless endeavour of Mr. Mriganka Mouli Maity (Secretary) and Mr. Animesh Jana (President), it is possible to establish a Teachers’ Training College after the name of the crownless emperor of Contai Sub-Division and the great freedom fighter named “Birendranath Sasmal” at Contai Municipality (Ward no. VIII) in the year 2012 for the sake of building up competent Teachers in future who will be responsible for providing effective Teaching towards learners. Local dentist Dr. Shyamal Hazra donated Land in order to constructed the proposed building of the College. Our beloved Hon’ble M.P. of Contai & the Ex-Union Minister Mr. Sisir Kumar Adhikari and the Chairman of Mugberia Central Co-operative Bank & the M.L.A. of Bhagabanpur Mr. Ardhendu Maity stretched out their lavish hands in setting up this large College. As a young but promising and flourishing institute, it has gained its Recognition from National Council of Teachers Education (N.C.T.E.) Government of India, and Affiliation from West Bengal Board of Primary Education & Vidyasagar University.

ii. Vision Statement of the Institution: 

Our commitment is to maintain standards in the preparation of education professionals in contemporary education systems. We are decided to provide updated knowledge-inputs and practical support to our students-educators in order to built their confidence level high.

iii. Mission & objective of the Institution: 

Established after the noble name of Deshpran Birendranath Sasmal, our College has been catering immensely to the needs of Teachers’ Training / Education of vast locality of Contai since its inception in 2012. The institution is formed in order to expand resplendence of education not only among Backward Classes dwelling in this area but also among those who are engaged in noble task of imparting training to the teachers (who are treated to be precursors of a civilized society and makers of back-bones of our nation) on account of creating optimum educational environment. Our main object is to equip teachers with the skills required to teach young children. Emphasis will be given to “learning by doing” activity based learning, development of creative skills, self-development and inculcation of moral & spiritual values. A high standard of work and competence is expected to both the staff and the trainees, who are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility and an understanding of children. The two-year course will prepare teachers in all professional subjects, viz. Educational Psychology, Principles of Educations & School Organization, Methods of Teaching Subjects at the Primary Level such as Value Education, English, Mathematics, History, Geography and General Science. Institution will also be given in Practical Subjects such as Art & Craft, Physical Education, Speech Training and preparation of Teaching Aids. Our motto, is to do good, and to do it well.

iv. Significant Achievements and Contributions in the field of Education, such as Awards/Recognition, eminent Alumni etc.

Significant Achievements (if any) :

Contributions in the field of Education(if any) :

Awards & Recognition Received(if any) :

Eminent Alumni :

Other Important Information :

This Part includes information regarding Infrastructure, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff, available instructional resources, students, Instructional Management etc. which are mandatory as per the regulation

1. Campus & Infrastructure

a) Available land area in square meters : 3453.55

b) Whether the available land is on : Ownership basis.

[* Note : In case of lease, mention the name of individual or Agency from whom lease is taken and the period of lease….]

c) Built up area in square meters : 4013.04

In case multi-storied building built-up area in square meters on each floor:

Sl. No.FloorBuilt-up area in Square Meters
1Ground Floor1,003.26 Sq. mt.
2First Floor1,003.26 Sq. mt.
3Second Floor1,003.26 Sq. mt.
4Third Floor1,003.26 Sq. mt.
5Fourth Floor-
Total4,013.04 Sq. mt.

d) Mention if Fire Safety equipment has been installed : Yes


f.ii) Mention the Number of Male and/or Female students for whom facilities are available:

g.(i) The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table:
Sl. No. Infrastructure Whether available Yes/No` Size in Sq. ft.
a. Classroom

  1. Classroom 1
  2. Classroom 2
  3. Classroom 3
  4. Classroom 4
  5. Classroom 5
  6. Classroom 6
  7. Classroom 7
  8. Classroom 8
Yes  638.82 Sq. ft. × 8
b. Multipurpose Hall  Yes (two) 2051.82 Sq.ft. × 2
c. Library –Cum-Reading Room  Yes 1089.77 Sq. ft × 1
d. ICT resource Centre  Yes 663.67 Sq. ft. × 1
e. Curriculum Laboratory  Yes (seven) 518.73 Sq. ft. × 7
f. Art & Resource Centre  Yes 518.73 Sq. ft. × 1
g. Health & Physical Education Resource centre  Yes 518.73 Sq. ft. × 1
h. Multipurpose Playfield  Yes 15,767.16 Sq. ft.

G.(ii) whether following facilities are available in the Institute:

a. Principal’s Office  Yes
b. Staff Rooms  Yes
c. Administrative office  Yes
d. Visitors Room  Yes
e. Separate Common Room for male & female Students.  Yes
f. Seminar Room  Yes
g. Canteen  Yes
h. Separate Toilet facility for male & female students  Yes
i. Separate Toilet facility for Staff  Yes
j. Separate Toilet facility for Differently abled persons.  Yes
k. Parking Space  Yes
l. Open Space for Additional Accommodation  Yes
m. Store Room  Yes
n. Medical Facility  Yes

2. Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

No. of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the Current Session:

a.i. Principal : 01

a.ii. HOD : 01

b. Academic Staff:

  •  Professor : No
  • Associate Professor/Reader : No
  • Assistant Professor / Lecturer : 23
  • Any other (Guest Lecturer) : 03
  • Total Academic Staff : 26

c. Total Administrative, Technical and professional Staff : 07

d. No. of Vacant positions as on the date of last Revision of website No

Sl. No Academic Positions No. of Vacant Positions Other Staff No. of Vacant Position
i. Principal/HOD  No Administrative Staff  No
ii. Professor  No Technical Staff  01
iii. Associate Professor/Reader  No Professional Staff  No
iv. Assistant Professor/Lecturer  No

e. Number of Academic and other Staff recruited during the Current Session :

Academic – 16

Other – No

f. Number of Academic and other Staff who left the Institute during the Current Session (2016-2017)

Academic – 01

Other – No

The List of Staff be provided in Tabular form as Given Below:

A. Academic Staff as on  : 05.10.2016

Sl. No.Name of the Staff MemberDesignationAcademic QualificationProfessional QualificationDate of BirthDate of AppointmentNature of AppointmentWhether Approved by the Affiliating University/BodyPay Scale or Consolidated AmountTotal EmolumentsRetirement Benefits or CPF etc.PhotographRemarks
1Dr. Kanika GoswamiPrincipalM.A.(Beng.) & M.A.(Edu.)M.Ed. & Ph.D.(Education)30.11.195918.11.2013Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.37400-67000Rs.47,400.00GPF, Gratuity<img src="" />
2Mr. Sujit Kumar GiriLecturerM.A.(English)M.Ed.10.07.198829.02.2016Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
3Miss. Tamasri DashLecturerM.A.(Education)B.Ed. & Diploma in GPC, FT18.03.199029.02.2016Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
4Mrs. Mousumi GiriLecturerM.A.(Geography)M.Ed.14.07.198729.02.2016Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
5Miss. Anunka Singha RoyLecturerM.A.(History)M.Ed.20.12.198818.11.2013Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
6Mr. Sibaprasad MaityLecturerM.A.(Education)B.Ed. & Diploma in Com. Appl.21.03.198918.11.2013Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
7Mrs. Seuli Rani KhatuaLecturerM.A.(Sanskrit)M.Ed.18.03.198729.02.2016Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
8Mr. Kamal Kumar DuariLecturerM.Sc.(Chemistry)M.Ed.28.03.198829.02.2016Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
9Mr. Soumen PalLecturerM.Sc.(Mathematics)M.Ed.08.03.199005.03.2017Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
10Mr. Sandipan DasmalLecturerM.Sc.(Microbiology)M.Ed.01.04.198805.03.2017Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
11Mr. Hasanujjaman Hossain MondalLecturerM.A.(Education)M.Ed.22.04.199005.03.2017Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
12Miss Soma PatraLecturerM.A.(Education)M.Ed.11.11.198705.03.2017Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
13LecturerM.Sc.(Mathematics)M.Ed.Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
14Mr. Amalendu BagLecturerM.P.Ed.Diploma in Athletics, FSTO, NCC Cadet15.04.198629.02.2016Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
15Mr. Titas PandaLecturerM.F.A.(Visual Arts)National Scholarship Awarded13.04.199005.03.2017Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
16Miss Mita MaliLecturerM.A.(Performing Arts)Music(Vocal)10.04.199018.11.2013Full-time FacultyVidyasagar UniversityRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
17Mrs. Sudipta MaityLecturerM.A.(Education)B.Ed.20.01.197718.11.2013Full-time FacultyWest Bengal Board of Primary EducationRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
18Mrs. Sima JanaLecturerM.A.(English)B.Ed.20.03.198918.11.2013Full-time FacultyWest Bengal Board of Primary EducationRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
19Mrs. Binata JanaLecturerM.Sc.(Physics)B.Ed.17.01.197818.11.2013Full-time FacultyWest Bengal Board of Primary EducationRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
20Mrs. Arpita DharaLecturerM.A.(History)B.Ed.02.01.198118.11.2013Full-time FacultyWest Bengal Board of Primary EducationRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
21Mrs. Mousumi PradhanLecturerM.Sc.(Mathematics)B.Ed.28.03.198718.11.2013Full-time FacultyWest Bengal Board of Primary EducationRs.15600-39100Rs.21,600.00GPF, Gratuity
22Mr. Hemanta ChakrabortyGuest LecturerM.A.(English)M.Ed.01.07.2016Part-time FacultyRs.15,000.00
23Dr. Mohini Mohan MaitiGuest LecturerM.A.M.Ed. & Ph.D.01.07.2016Part-time FacultyRs.10,000.00
24Dr. Amit Kumar MaityGuest LecturerM.Sc.(Mathematics)B.Ed. & Ph.D.(Mathematics)01.07.2016Part-time FacultyRs.05,000.00

B. Administrative, Professional and Technical Staffs as on : 05.10.2016

Sl. No.Name of the Staff MemberDesignationAcademic QualificationProfessional QualificationDate of BirthDate of AppointmentNature of AppointmentPay Scale or Consolidated AmountTotal EmolumentsRetirement Benefits or CPF etc.Photograph
1Mr. Sukhendu HazraLibrarianM.A.B.Li.Sc.14.06.198618.11.2013Full-timeRs.7100-37600Rs. 11,200.00GPF, Gratuity
2Mr. Debdulal JanaLab. AssistantB.Sc.M.C.A.11.06.197818.11.2013Full-timeRs.7100-37600Rs. 11,000.00GPF, Gratuity
3Mr. Sirsendu DharaOffice-cum-Account Assit.B.Com.04.01.199218.11.2013Full-timeRs.5400-25200Rs. 7,700.00GPF, Gratuity
4Mr. Souvik DeyOffice Assit.-cum-Com. OperatorH.S.DCA08.04.199018.11.2013Full-timeRs.4900-16200Rs. 6,600.00GPF, Gratuity
5Mr. Anup Kumar GiriStore-KeeperH.S.10.08.199029.02.2016Full-timeRs.4900-16200Rs. 6,600.00GPF, Gratuity
6Mrs. Siuli PayraLab AttendantsH.S.12.01.199518.11.2013Full-timeRs.4900-16200Rs. 6,600.00GPF, Gratuity

3. Students on the Rolls of the Institution

a. Date of commencement of the current academic Session : 01.07.2016

b. Last Date fixed by the affiliating body for admission : 30.06.2016

c. Date of last admission made in the institution : 30.06.2016

d. Mode of selection of students : Students are selected by the Affiliating Body (Vidyasagar University) for B.Ed. course and for the D.El.Ed. course Students are selected by the Institution on merit basis & approved by the Affiliating Body (i.e. W.B.B.P.E.)

e. Whether entrance test is conducted by the Institution /Affiliating Body/ State Govt. : No.

f. No. of students enrolled in the current academic session : 50 for D.El.Ed and 100 for B.Ed. course.

g) Category wise Distribution of students :

ProgrammeNo. of Male studentsNo. of Female StudentsNo. of Stuidents Enrolled in SC categoryNo. of Students enrolled in ST categoryNo. of Students enrolled in OBC CategoryNo. of Students enrolled in Unreserved CategoryTotal Students in the Programme

h) No. of students in each Pedagogy Subject:

Programme Name Pedagogy Subjects No. of Students Enrolled
B.Ed. English
Hindi/Regioanl Language
Social Science
Physical Science
Life Science
Any other type (Plz Specify)

i) Details of Enrolled Students:

Sl. No.Name of the StudentName of MotherName of FatherAadhar Card No.GenderCategoryQualifying Examination% of Marks in the Qualifying ExaminationPedagogy Subject-1Pedagogy Subject-2Remarks
1Anima MaityUsha Rani MaityBijoy Krishna Maity333353000701FemaleGENMA50.25English
2Indrani MaitySandhya MaityKedar Prasad MaityFemaleGENMAEnglish
3Tania Maity PaulAparna MaitySwapan Kumar MaityGENGeography
4Jayasree MajiPadmabati MajiLate Ashutosh MajiFemaleGENMA66.75Bengali
5Alpana SahooChhabi Rani SahooRamkrishna Sahoo437463040275FemaleGENMA54.6Geography
6Debika Dash patiParbati DashLate Tapas Kumar DashFemaleGENMA54.25Bengali
7Manjusha DasManisha DasSubal Chandra Das776588082387FemaleGENMA50Bengali
8Kuhumita BeraLilabati BeraAdhir Bera879868840195FemaleGENMA65.78English
9Anal TripathiGouri TripathiBaridhi Baran Tripathi352679027164MaleGENMA56.6Mathematics
10Ananda Kumar MajhiPratima MajhiHriday Ranjan MajhiMaleGENMA63.29Mathematics
11Saswati RoyAlpana RoyJayanta Roy992880374704FemaleGENBA57.7Life Science
12Shampa SantraAlpana SantraLate Bhaktipada SantraFemaleSCMA51.8Geography
13Partha Pratim PatraMinati PatraPrabir Kumar PatraMaleSCMA50.2Mathematics
14Mili Pradhan Sandhya PradhanKanailal PradhanFemaleSCMA72.33Life Science
15Sanjoy DalaiSandhya DalaiSushil Dalai647418177865MaleSCBA47.19Life Science
16Tusharkana BarmanKrishna Rani BarmanBablu Kumar BarmanMaleSCEnglish
17Smriti DalaiUma DalaiGhanashyam Dalai699362669664FemaleSCBA49.81English
18Murari DasJaba Rani DasBhupendranath Das446402492145MaleSCBA45.68English
19Rumi SamantaTulu SamantaAsit Kumar SamantaFemaleGENMA74.58Life Science
20Debolina BhuniaDebika BhuniaLate Gourinandan BhuniaFemaleGENMA61.7L.Sc.Nutrition
21Sumana GuchhaitBinu Rani GuchhaitKartik Chandra Guchhait334833240593FemaleGENMA60Life Science
22Tapas SahooArchana SahooSudhakrishna Sahoo206810449942MaleGENMA56.4Life Science
23Shibani MaityAnuradha MaitySatya Ranjan Maity473005580529FemaleGENMA50.3Life Science
24Chhanda LahaSulekha LahaBimal Kumar Laha233905767357FemaleGENBA64.96Physical Science
25Niketa MaitiAshrukana MaitiDebdatta MatiFemaleGENBA59.55Physical Science
26Bidisha DasJharna Rani DasBishnupada Das695632756672FemaleGENBA64.06Mathematics
27Anup Kumar LahaSulekha LahaBimal Kumar Laha386358856485MaleGENBA58.64Mathematics
28Ruma PandaSandhya PandaPankajakshya PandaFemaleGENBA57.9Mathematics
29Sanchita MaityMalati MaityRanjit Maity590047977515FemaleGENBA57.87Mathematics
30Srabani Jana Mandakini JanaRohini Kumar Jana428933779510FemaleGENBA58.97Life Science
31Moutusi MaitySnigdha MaityHaripada Maity278615620166FemaleGENBA53.03Life Science
32Panchali MaityIndira MaityDilip MaityFemaleGENMA64.88English
33Sreetama MaityRuma MaitySukumar Maity464119586789FemaleGENMA48.88English
34Sonali MaitySoma MaityDebabrata Maity377196573758FemaleGENMA55English
35Rintu BisaiArati BisaiBachchu Charan Bisai812005630316MaleGENMA62.5Sanskrit
36Sulagna NandaSuvra NandaNaranarayan Nanda618740590198FemaleGENMA51.25History
37Srabanti BeraSandha Rani BeraBana Behari Bera833709615973FemaleGENMA52Life Science
38Priyanka DasArati DasMadan Mohan Das583351408756FemaleGENBA56.84English
39Amiya Kumar DasAsima DasMukteswar Das489405968304MaleGENBA60.06Bengali
40Susmita PradhanRadha Rani PradhanTarun Kanti Pradhan 298130220299FemaleGENBA59.68Bengali
41Suravi PatraSuchitra PatraSusim Patra407619830955FemaleGENBA51.29English
42Prabita DasKrishna DasBishnupada DasFemaleGENBA58.84Sanskrit
43Sumita MondalKalpana MondalMahadeb Mondal881248756822FemaleGENBA53.74Bengali
44Juli PaloiSwarnali PaloiLakshmi Kanta Paloi967542035876FemaleGENBA56.9Sanskrit
45Pankaj HotaDipti HotaTapan Hota 562157034012MaleGENBA52.65Bengali
46Jhuma GiriPranati GiriTapan Giri421262163545FemaleGENBA52.19Bengali
47Tripti MishraBandana MishraDurga Sankar Mishra624628397402FemaleGENBA52.65History
48Itu MondalShyamali MondalTarun Kanti Mondal657192779355FemaleGENBA56.48Sanskrit
49Rajashree KaranMinu Rani KaranSasanka Sekhar Karan988997193162FemaleGENBA56.42English
50Suryakanta DasShakuntala DasAjoy Das890725732928MaleGENBA50.52Geography
51Indira BhuniaAmita Rani BhuniaSubhasish Bhunia554228393884FemaleGENBA56.19Education
52Tapan AcharyaGita AcharyaArdhendu Sekhar Acharya808381644329MaleGENMA59.91Mathematics
53Raj Narayan JanaPramila JanaRamkrishna JanaMaleSCMA58.63Sanskrit
54Mriduchhanda BarLakshmipriya BarAnil Kumar BarFemaleSCBA48.52Geography
55Suryakamal BarRanibala BarSushen Kumar Bar363614997870MaleSCBA47.61Life Science
56Sudip MudiAgamoni MudiPradip Mudi372960645797MaleSCBA50.84Geography
57Pankaj BarmanBimala BarmanSasanka Sekhar Barman936552124343MaleSCBA50.45Education
58Debdulal PalBulu Rani PalDebesh Chandra PalMaleGENMA58Mathematics
59Sima DasKrishna DasBishnupada Das455162438237FemaleGENMA56Bengali
60Dhitosh RanjitSuprava ranjitDhirendra Nath Ranjit406594275597MaleGENMA55.33English
61Mahammad Sujat HossenMonorama BibiEunus Ali994592185660MaleOBC-AMA49.13Bengali
62Susanta PatraRita PatraKshudiram Patra734293383966MaleGENBA50.71Mathematics
63Antara DasAmita DasTapan Kumar Das888284850335FemaleGENMA60Life Science
64Akash DasAnnapurna DasNatendra Nath Das985106492026MaleGENBA66.26Chemistry
65Shubhrajyoti PanigrahiAnita PanigrahiIndubhusan Panigrahi 869426709231MaleGENBA54.58Chemistry
66Suchismita MaityUma Rani MaitySoumendu Maity272952534681FemaleGENBA57.87Geography
67Joykrishna LalJayanti LalHarekrishna Lal652472308086MaleGENBA50.45Physical Science
68Rajesh DasNilima DasBimal Das575596478902MaleGENBA57.42Life Science
69Debangana MandalRekha rani MandalSusim Ranjan Mandal984620885600FemaleGENBA50.45Chemistry
70Anwesha AdakShibani AdakAmal Kumar AdakFemaleGENBA50.84Life Science
71 Pinki Rani DasRenuka DasKhokan Das867951439657FemaleGENBA55Sanskrit
72Bhabasankar SahooNamita Rani SahooAmal Kumar SahooMaleGENMA61Sanskrit
73Moumita SahooParbhabati SahooSwapan Kumar SahooFemaleGENMA51Bengali
74Tapas PatraMinati PatraTamradhwaj Patra856293970355MaleGENMA51.5History
75Piu MaitySunanda MaityNabarun Maity466785324945FemaleGENBA59.03Sanskrit
76Arindam Das SharmaMira Das SharmaChandan Das SharmaMaleGENBA52.32Geography
77Safiuddin KhanSaidun BibiInul Khan239876952684MaleOBC-ABA51.87Geography
78Partha Pratim PandaAnita PandaPranabananda PandaMaleGENBA52.9Geography
79Asim MaityKajal MaityTapan MaityMaleGENBA52.19Geography
80Priyanka JanaAnushree JanaGopal JanaMaleGENBengali
81Shibani MahatoJaba MahatoLate Salabat Mahato412076335737FemaleGENMA76.13Bengali
82Kashinath BiswasMalati BiswasLate Tarapada Biswas675415580863MaleSCBA45.94Bengali
83Swarnali JanaPuspanjali JanaSankar JanaFemaleGENMA60.88Bengali
84Esa ChakrabortyAnita ChakrabortyMuktipada Chakraborty410987608360FemaleGENBA58.71Life Science
85Arup GiriPadamabati GiriRamkrishna GiriMaleGENMA51.5Education
86Madhusudan PandaSandhya PandaSasanka Sekhar Panda760622593863MaleGENMA51.25Bengali
87Priyanka MannaLate Uma MannaPrabhat Bikash MannaFemaleGENBA50.45Bengali
88Mamata SurRita SurKamalakanta SurFemaleGENBA65.24English
89Krishna RoulSarathi RoulLakshmi RoulMaleSCMA70.6Sanskrit
90Satabdi ShitSulata ShitRadhashyam Shit224436916719FemaleSCMA60English
91Bappa MazumdarPari MazumdarSoumen Mazumdar549255033872MaleGENM.Sc51.6Life Science
92Sumana NandaAnuradha NandaPravat Kumar NandaFemaleGENM.Sc52.9Life Science
93Bratati MishraSova MishraPradyot Kumar Mishra459768513621FemaleGENM.Sc64.33Life Science
94Shrabani DasSulata Roy (Das)Amiya Kumar Das559374861596FemaleGENMA55.37English
95Pratima GayenSabitri GayenBasudeb Gayen702683580069FemaleGENBA52.25Geography
96Manimala GiriMina GiriAniruddha Giri995293667807FemaleGENMA64.75Sociology
97Manju Manna Sulekha MannaSantosh Kumar MannaFemaleGENM.Sc65.53Geography
98Ganesh PradhanRenuka PradhanHaripada Pradhan918524601559MaleGENM.Sc63Life Science
99Papu Ali SahaSafiun BibiMaksed Ali Saha255376643584MaleGENBA53.87Mathematics
100Sudip MaityTilottama MaitySushil Maity824853428537MaleGENBA50.51Mathematics

Details of enrolled students(D.El.Ed.)

Sl. No.Name of the StudentName of MotherName of FatherAadhar Card No.GenderCategoryQualifying Examination% of Marks in the Qualifying ExaminationPedagogy Subject-1Pedagogy Subject-2
1Subhadeep MaityBasanti MaityBiswajit Maity501132517304MaleOBC-BH.S.81.80
2Debanjali MaityArpita MaityBiswajit Maity937818227088FemaleGENH.S.79.60
3Sumit MaitySulekha MaityAshok Maity955090901449MaleGENH.S.78.80
4Nabanita MaitiAnushri MaitiNabakumar Maiti475812627834FemaleGENH.S.77.20
5Rinki ChuanBabli ChuanBimalendu Chuan971393574283FemaleGENH.S.74.40
6Soumalya RoyRita RoyNilanjan RoyMaleGENH.S.74.40
7Chayan SahooMousumi SahooChandan Kumar SahooMaleOBC-BH.S.73.20
8Rajib SauKalpana SauAshok Sau687759822922MaleGENH.S.69.60
9Sukanta ShitBhagabati ShitSudarshan ShitMaleS.C.H.S.67.60
10Supriya BeraBulu BeraDipak Bera720850606042MaleGENH.S.67.40
11Samapti PandaIndrani PandaRameswar Panda574601458454FemaleGENH.S.67.20
12Moumita SauTanushree SauBishwajit Sau720532308097FemaleGENH.S.67.20
13Puja SahooLila Rani SahooLalit Mohan Sahoo364598226183FemaleGENH.S.66.80
14Prasenjit BeraSandhya BeraBaneswar BeraMaleGENH.S.66.20
15Ritwik Jana Kalpana JanaManik Jana691889253683MaleGENH.S.66.00
16Shankha DuttaArchana DattaRadhakrishna Datta830116287406MaleGENH.S.65.40
17Gouri SahooRina SahooDebendra Nath Sahoo563237324209FemaleOBC-BH.S.64.40
18Soumalya GiriUma GiriSubhas Chandra Giri764964339391MaleGENH.S.63.40
19Tanmoy BhuniaDabjani BhuniaAmrit Ranjan BhuniaMaleS.C.H.S.62.60
20Samiran PatraAnjali PatraPalash Patra491729646673MaleS.C.H.S.56.00
21Sudipta DasSubhra Singha DasSubrata Kumar Das363832066931MaleS.C.H.S.55.80
22Arpita NaskarRani NaskarBhabesha Nanda Naskar685533812275FemaleS.C.H.S.50.80
23Rohan Lal BeraSumita BeraPranab Kumar BeraMaleS.C.H.S.49.40
24Rajdeep SahooBina SahooAshim Kumar Sahoo916323079971MaleOBC-BH.S.57.80
25Suvendu SauSandha SauSudarsan Sau669462949268MaleOBC-BH.S.52.80
26Ananya HazraSarbani HazraAmalendu HazraFemalePHH.S.56.80
27Sayan MaityTandra MaitySanjoysen Maity387414675730MaleVOCH.S.65.20
28Mamoni JanaPurnima JanaArun Kumar Jana567875685880FemaleVOCH.S.70.20
29Ruma Rani SahooKalpana SahooSrikrishna Sahoo511058727643FemaleGENH.S.64.20
30Hemlata GiriMinati GiriDhruba Chandra Giri983803725287FemaleGENH.S.64.20
31Pallabi DasSikha DasPankaj Kumar Das467881980257FemaleGENH.S.62.20
32Gargi Maity Gita Hajra MaityGopal Maity302468909027FemaleGENH.S.61.40
33Susmita NayakChitralekha NayakSunil Kumar Nayak896798784971FemaleGENH.S.60.20
34Madhusri MondalRakhi MondalSasanka Mondal928953804422FemaleGENH.S.59.00
35Borsa Maity Sujata MaityBidyut Maity548846500679FemaleGENH.S.58.20
36Barnali MandalPurnima MandalRamanath MandalFemaleGENH.S.58.00
37Soma NayakChhabi NayakRadhakrishna Nayak813423209983FemaleGENH.S.58.00
38Sananda GiriArchana GiriHiralal GiriFemaleGENH.S.57.40
39Anup MannaAparna MannaSukumar Manna861978916768MaleGENH.S.57.20
40Dipti Pramanik SarenKanak Lata PramanikBidyut Kumar Pramanik602173378227FemaleGENH.S.56.80
41Monamika JanaPuspa Rani JanaChittaranjan Jana644796301174FemaleGENH.S.56.60
42Somnath AdakNandita AdakSrikrishna AdakMaleGENH.S.56.40
43Pabitra Kumar JanaChanchala JanaRaghunath Jana710840257614MaleGENH.S.65.80
44Kakali KarSabita KarGunadhar Kar744787647350FemaleGENH.S.55.00
45Anita PradhanBinapani PradhanBadal Pradhan539689301955FemaleGENH.S.54.40
46Arpita BhuniaMinati BhuniaUttam Bhunia564467192002FemaleGENH.S.54.00
47Mamani MannaBasanti MannaArabinda Manna787658414439FemaleGENH.S.53.60
48Pragati NayakMousumi NayakAnath Bandhu Nayak501132517304FemaleGENH.S.53.40
49Dipankar NandiDipali NandiAswini Nandi937818227088MaleGENH.S.51.80
50Kabita MaityGita MaityAmalendu Maity955090901449FemaleGENH.S.51.10

4. Financial Status :

a) Endowment Fund maintained by the TEI

Amount – Rs. 10,00,000.00

Bank- State Bank of India, Contai Bazar Br.

FDR Number- 34954452621, 327197 17107

b) Reserve Fund maintained by the TEI

Amount- Rs. 14,00,000.00

Bank- State Bank of India, Contai Bazar Br.

FDR Number- 34954454403, 32719727308

C. Annual Fees charged from students of Different Programmes and Annual Fees by the State Govt. for Different Programmes:

Sl. No.ProgrammeTotal Annual Fee Charged by the Institution (current Session)Fee fixed by the Central/ State /Union Territory Government (current Session)
1D.El.Ed.Rs. 45,000.00Rs. 60,000.00
2B.Ed.Rs. 45,000.00Rs. 75,000.00

Mention if Fee Concession or scholarships are given to students: –

Details about Fees Concession:-

E.  Income during the Previous Academic Session :

Sl. No. Head/Source of Income Income in INR
1 Income from Fees  Rs. 39,31,000.00
2 Grant received from Stste Govt. if any  No
3 Income from other sources : Donation etc.  Rs. 1,09,52,777.00
Total Income  Rs. 1,48,83,777.00

f. Expenditure during the Previous Academic Session:

Sl. No. Head/Source of Income Expenditure  in INR
A. Capital expenditure
1 Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Infrastructure  Rs. 67,91,330.00
2 Expenditure incurred on augmentation of Instructional Resources  Rs. 4,48,159.00
B. Recurring Expenditure
3 Satff Salary  Rs. 24,68,600.00
4 Interest Payments on Loans  Rs. 13,31,377.00
5 Loan Payments  Rs. 7,92,737.00
6 Miscellaneous Expenditure  Rs. 7,54,595.00
C. Transfer to Capital Account  Rs. 22,96,979.00
7 Transfer to Governing Body
Total Expenditure  Rs. 1,48,83,777.00

g. Whether Balance Sheet of the Previous Academic Session has been displayed :- Yes

5. Instructional Resources:

A. Library

a) Sitting Capacity in the Reading Room:- 100

b) Number of Books:- 12648

c) Number of Titles:- 585

d) Number of Reference books like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Documents, Reports etc. :- 715

e) Name of the Journals Subscribed :

Sl. No.Name of the JournalNumber
1Journal of Indian Education5
2Indian Educational Review5
3School Science5
5Education & Society5
6Education Today5

f) Number of books added during the Previous Academic Session :- 1750

g) Number of books added during the Current Academic Session :- 1200

B. ICT Resource Centre

Number of Computer System:- 50

Availability of Internet Facility :- Yes

Accessibility of Internet Facility to students:- Yes

Number of CD-ROMs:- 50

Number of Resources added during the Current Session

Sl. No.Name of the ResourceNumber
1Digital Projector2
2Educational Software1
3DVD Player, CDs, DVDs etc.Adequate
4Slide Projector2

Number of resources added during the Previous academic Session

Sl. No.Name of the ResourceNumber
2LED Projector1
3AC Machine1
4Head Phone25

C. Art & Craft Resource Center (essential items available)

Sl. No.Name of the ResourceNumber
1Painting Board2
2Various types of charts48
3Synthetic clay5
4Various photo frame56
5Fabric colours81

Number of Resources added during the previous Academic Session:

Sl. No.Name of the ResourceNumber
1Pastel colours12
3Art Paper, Glue, Marbel paper, Tharmocol etc.
4Painting Brush55
5Various type of Models115

D. Curriculam Laboratory :

S. No. Resources for Curriculam laboratory “A” for Available and “NA” for Not Available
i) Resources for English Language :  Supporting books, Software, CD/DVD, Screen, Spelling diagnostic, Sound system, Charts etc.  A
ii) Resources for Science Education : a) Biology Lab – Microscopes, Biology boxes and slides, Tray, Various Specimen of animals and plants, Human skull, Skelital system, Heart and other models, Various charts, Hight, Weight & Pressure measuring tools etc. b) Physics Lab – Barometer, Magnets, Thermometers, Balance, Various lens, Spring balance, Prisms, Stop watchs, Compass, Various mirrors, Resistor, Pendulum, Meter bridge, Galvanometer, Ammeter, Slide calipers, Sphero-meter,  Volta-meter etc. c) Chemistry Lab – Various test tubes & holders, Beakers, Various chemicals & acids, Stands, Pipes, Various flasks, funnel, plates & jars, Woulf bottles, Burates, Lamps, Various solutions, Boric Acid etc.  A
iii) Resources for Social Science Education : Globes, Various maps & charts, Rocks, Weather maps, Solar systems, Solar eclipse, Compass, Hygrometer, Action of wind, Cannyon, River meanders and oxbow lakes, Ground water, Waterfall, Rift valley, Stages of river, Volcanoes, Land forms, Glaciers, River Delta etc.  A
iv) Psychology Lab : Intelligence test box, Mirror drawing apparatus, Techetoscope,  Koh’s block design test, Teacher attitude scale, Ability measure, Human memory and experimental procedure, NCGI Test, GGTT-A Test, CCT-Test, TAT-GR, CCTTP-P, Draw-A-Man Test, Various dictionary & encyclopedia on Psychology etc.  A
v) Resources for Core Mathematics : Skip counting boards, Abacus, Number places upto lac, Tapes, Measure of volume, Scales, Geometric boxes, Magnetic geometrical shape, Geometric shape, Demo clock, Wooden shape, Marbel set, Wax set, Pythagoras set, Transparency, Decimal plates, Fraction Disc, Unit cubes etc.  A
vi)  A

Number of Resources added during the Previous Academic Session :

Sl. No.Name of the ResourceNumber

Physical Education Resource Center (Essential Items which are available) :

Sl. No.Name of the ResourceNumber

Number of Resources added during the Previous Academic Session

Sl. No.Name of the ResourceNumber