“The small wisdom is like water in a glass:
clear, transparent, pure.
The great wisdom is like the water in the sea:
dark, mysterious, impenetrable.”

Our Mission :

Established after the noble name of Deshpran Birendranath Sasmal, our College has been catering immensely to the needs of Teachers’ Training / Education of vast locality of Contai since its inception in 2012. The institution is formed in order to expand resplendence of education not only among Backward Classes dwelling in this area but also among those who are engaged in noble task of imparting training to the teachers (who are treated to be precursors of a civilized society and makers of back-bones of our nation) on account of creating optimum educational environment. Our main object is to equip teachers with the skills required to teach young children. Emphasis will be given to “learning by doing” activity based learning, development of creative skills, self-development and inculcation of moral & spiritual values. A high standard of work and competence is expected to both the staff and the trainees, who are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility and an understanding of children. The two-year course will prepare teachers in all professional subjects, viz. Educational Psychology, Principles of Educations & School Organization, Methods of Teaching Subjects at the Primary Level such as Value Education, English, Mathematics, History, Geography and General Science. Institution will also be given in Practical Subjects such as Art & Craft, Physical Education, Speech Training and preparation of Teaching Aids. Our motto, is to do good, and to do it well.

Our Vision :

Our commitment is to maintain standards in the preparation of education professionals in contemporary education systems. We are decided to provide updated knowledge-inputs and practical support to our students-educators in order to built their confidence level high.