Welcome to Birendranath Sasmal Primary Teachers’ Training Institute. With nigardless endeavour of Mr. Mriganka Mouli Maity, Secretary of our College it is possible to establish a Teachers’ Training College after the name of the crownless emperor of Contai Sub-Division and the great freedom fighter named “Birendranath Sasmal” at Contai Municipality (ward no. VIII) in the year 2012 for the sake of building up competent Teachers in future who will be responsible for providing effective Teaching towards learners. Our college believes in the promotion of high standards of professional education of the teacher-educators. So that they can use their potential to play a critical role in the shaping the future of the society in which they live. Our college also seaks to nature talents, skills, creativity and leadership quality by providing multiple opportunities for experience-based learning. In a word, our college is recognised for providing an affordable education and responding to the professional needs and demands of the 21 st century workforce.